Saturday, 28 January 2012

At the age of 14 Part 3

With the encounter of the "dance" gang, it made me realized one thing:

In order to conquer, I must first have power.  The easiest way for me to gain power is to join a even bigger gang. The more members, the more powerful I will be.

I started to look for a big gang to join. I got in touch with the friends from the silkscreen company. I told them about my problem and expressed my interested in becoming one f them. I did not made a wrong choice. They were truly from a much bigger gang. From my understanding that time, "dance gang" were made up of people who are between the age of 12-20 years old. "Dance-gang" normally hang out in groups in shopping center, basketball court, void deck etc....

The gang that I joined is a "number-gang". This gang comprises of members between 15-40+ years old. They have so-called territory under their care. The common gathering place is at a coffee shop. So in the event they need to identify themselves, they will use "Estate" + "block number" +  "number".

Joining a number gang has got a procedure as well. In order to be termed as blood-brothers, all newly recruited members has to go through a ceremony. For my case, a few of us were brought to a deserted hill near Yishun-Seletar area where they setup a temporary alter to pray. The ceremony was conducted by the gang leader. During the ceremony, we prayed to the god (don't know what god), burned incenses and offered burnt offering. The last stage was the most horrible. We made an oath, shed some blood, mixing it together with water and drank among us. Thereafter, the ceremony was completed. I was officially part of the gang.

I felt proud and the feeling of belonging is good. For the first time in my life I felt secure. I felt love and concern from my fellow brothers. I am able to share my joy and sadness with them. They could understand how I feel and there was never a barrier to relate or discuss anything with them.

Friday, 27 January 2012

My first business card for the blog! Nice?

Finally, my first business card for the blog is out. Its printed on metal (aluminum).
To make it complete, I have also make a card holder featuring the logo of my blog. 

Although Expressprint has not officially launched the metal printing, you can visit our website for all your printing needs.

You will be amazed by the value, variety and quality of our prints.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

At the age of 14 Part 2

This year was also the first time I got into trouble with a local "dance*" gang.

One day while I was walking home after school, a youngster signaled for me to follow him. Out of curiosity, I stupidly followed. I was led to a "ulu" hdb flat when more people appeared. They obviously do not look friendly. I still do not know what is happening and suddenly, one of them just ran over to me, grasp me by my collar and start punching my stomach. It was very painful and I yelled so loud that I was slapped repeatedly. The beating stopped eventually. Another member walked up to me and said "I heard you say you are one of us at the basketball court yesterday. When are you recruited?" At that time, I knew something went terribly wrong and begin to shiver and think back what did I do.

[....Yesterday, while I was playing basketball at the court, a fellow player just chit-chatted with me and asked me do I belong to any group. I answer with a "fictitious" group (which turned out to be real) naively. Storyline that happened in the movie happened to me. The person actually knew the "real" group and linked me up with the leader only for them to realize I am fake.]

Apart from the punching and slapping, I was also extorted of my pocket money of $5 and a MRT card. They tried to snatch my watch as well but I managed to plead them to forgo it. Having gotten their revenge and satisfying their ego, they decided to let me go with a stern warning. The saga ends here.

This event affected me from that time onwards. I will reveal more as I journey towards my present age. Stay tune!.

*Dance Gang - at that time are local gang which frequent disco such as "FIRE". At that time, it is very "in" for teens to go for tea-dance party (afternoon party) as its cater for underage person.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

At the age of 14 part 1

I need money, more income.....

The moment I turned 14 years old, immediately I went to apply for a job in a Fast Food Restaurant. In order to earn more money, I actually choose to work in A & W restaurant located at the Singapore Zoo. Particularly this outlet pays $2.50/hr (it could be due to the unfriendly location but its ok for me as I stay in Yishun. Direct bus there - SBS service 171). In those days, average fast-food joint pays around $1.80-$2.00 per hour only.

I actually enjoyed working there because of the good income (I can earn up to $20 per day) and I always get the manager to plan for me to work 14-hours during public holiday because the pay was doubled.

TIPS: When wrapping burgers, never press and hold with your thumb. It will depress the top bun and look very ugly. The correct way should be holding the burger with the thumb up.

At the age of 13 part 4

I still remember the days when I was in Chongfu Primary School (one of the best in Yishun), my results were very consistently good. I am not the hardworking type who will study or revise after school. Basically, after school, that's my play time. I played marble, five stones and zero-point. Most of which had EXTINCT by now.

Even during exam, I never studied nor prepared for it.But my results remain to be good. I owed my good results to my teachers especially Mr Zhuang and Mr Sia teaching me chinese and english respectively. They are very strict and the best communication they ALWAYS used was "CANE". After kana caning from english lesson, the next lesson chinese, also kana cane. Haiz!

The reason why I went start accounting for my life before age 13 is to set the stage up on how it affected me when I was in Sec One (age 13).

Given the "talent" of getting good results without studying, I applied the same theory in my secondary school. I still remember it was a Chinese CA. All of my classmates are studying very hard except for me. I actually laughed at them for studying hard. A few days after the test, the result came back. To my surprise, I scored 27/100. I failed! I became worried in how to account to my mother.

I can't remember how I get past my mother. I do remember this taught me not to be complacent and I must always prepare for the test. From this incident onwards, I started to pay 101% attention in class and really study hard for the test. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

At the age of 13 part 3

It was also at this age, I started to mix around with the wrong company when I was working in the silkscreen printing company. When I first met them, these people are exceptionally nice  and really care for me. Their ultimate aim is to "befriend" (recruit) me to the gang which I eventually fall for it.

Life is pretty normal with these people. I did not commit any offenses and remain "kuai-kuai" throughout the year.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

At the age of 13 part 2

I was studying in Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. There, I was also involved in gardening. I helped out the gardener in watering the plants.

This gardener when he knows of the hardship and work I was doing, he offered me a job where he "moonlighted" as a cleaner in a small local church near the school.

My duty is to help scrap the bird-shit and to maintain the cleanliness of the place. I was paid $13 a day for 2 - 3 hours job.

I can't really remember the name of the church but I suspect it is Tabernacle Baptist Church when I try to google according to my memories.

This is the street view of the location

Starting at the age of 13

At the age of 13, I was enrolled to the school of reality. I started working as a child "slave" in a silkscreen printing (now then I know its called silkscreen) company doing all the manual imprints on cloths. It was hard labor and sweat job.

The job requires me to stand all the time and the only time I get to sit was during lunch time.

I was only paid $1.90 / hr but I get to work for 11 hours a day which give me a good income of $19 (less 1 hr lunch break) a day.

This went on a few weeks before I called it quit.

modelling for fun

These shots are taken in a photo studio when I was in Beijing. Guess the price?

a new chapter in my life

Today marks the new chapter of my life. Yes. I am officially a blogger (with no follower) now. Watch out for my posts.