Sunday, 6 July 2014

Nobody believed in me.

Nobody believed in me.

From Printing Legendary To The Trailblazing Coffee Retailer

Mr Ang, the founder & owner of Expressprint has an impressive track record of running and building a printing business. He graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Business, Double Major in Marketing & E-commerce. He single handedly started Expressprint in Jan 2005 with only $2000 and a mountain of debts. He did not have any knowledge and related experiences in printing at all.

The first Expressprint was started humbly in a small office withinanother company in an industrial park. However, with the skills, strategic planning and execution, Mr Ang managed "earn enough" to open the first retail print outlet in Chinatown Point barely within 3 months of the business. In the same year, he started the second Expressprint outlet in Orchard Plaza. Within the span of 2 years
(2007), Expressprint grew to 5 outlets in Keypoint, International Plaza, Tg Pager Plaza. It was also in the same year that Mr Ang was awarded with a Merit Award by ShellLive Wire as an outstanding young Entrepreneur. By 2008, Expressprint grew to 5 outlets in Sunshine Plaza, Golden Wall Center and Sultan Plaza. Expressprint was also nicknamed as the big brother in print.

As Mr Ang has started this business without any experience, he went through a lot stumbling blocks and discouragement. These experiences caused him to be strengthened further. It was also in the late 2008 that Mr Ang decided to leverage on the Internet to grow his business while shrinking in size. Currently, Expressprint received more sales from the Internet than from the combined sales of the 8 outlets.

Being an entrepreneur, Mr Ang understand the needs and frustrations that his fellow comrades in print & design faces. After years of preparation, Mr Ang is now ready to launch the "PrintEXpert" program to empower anyone who wish to profits from the print industry. This is possibly the one and only program in the market that you can leverageon to springboard your business.

In his early 30's, amazing Mr. Ang smartly utilized his knowledge and expertise in PrintEXpert, streamlined several more online businesses that helped thousands of individuals fulfilling their dreams of working anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

This multitasking, talented entrepreneur truly live his "creator" vision. Under some kind coincidence, a coffee spark went off in his soul. Mr. Ang brought together individuals who together with his
divine business acumen birthed forth COFFEE:NOWHERE (

Besides being featured on national papers, and live interviews, his passion was highly commended with a Merit Award by Shell LiveWire as an outstanding young Entrepreneur in 2007 jointly organised by Shell Companies in Singapore, the Institute of Technical Education, ITE Alumni Association and Singapore Press Holdings (Chinese Newspapers Division). The Shell LiveWIRE Awards aims to reward and raise the profile of outstanding young entrepreneurs in Singapore (read more @
Coffee Nowhere @ Mount Austin, JB, Malaysia
A true believer of a journey of excellence in everything he touches, within 6 months of birthright, Mr. Ang led COFFEE:NOWHERE to 4 countries and 6 outlets in Asia. This includes Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Coffee Nowhere @ 44 Rochester Park, Singapore
Together with his partners in coffee, they continue to trail-blaze the market, emerging as market leaders in coffee, apparatus, and more.

From no-where to nowhere, Mr. Ang is a true inspiration and role model for his partners, sharing his acumen and vision in life & business. In fact, he set "LOVE" as his core in all that he do. That was how the overall LOVE:NOWHERE CSR was seeded.

To date, Mr. Ang owns more than 26 profitable businesses, of which several partnering with high profile individuals, bringing their businesses to greater heights.

When Mr. Ang is not at work, you can find him at COFFEE:NOWHERE drinking his favourite cup of coffee, and spending quality time with his beautiful 3 children.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” ~ Richard Branson

Exclusive session on 7, 9 and 12 July 2014.

LOCATION: 20 Upper Circular Road, #01-28, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416