Wednesday, 26 August 2015

STOP! You are killing yourself!!!

Social media platforms are increasingly getting popular among business owners. A classic example is Facebook group. With due respect to all "group master/ owners", I personally think that you are doing a great job in gathering genuine readers and also providing "free" publicity opportunity for business owners to promote and advertise their products and services. With the mass amount of members in a group and even multiple other groups, they can simply post and start promoting their stuffs. While all these started with good intentions, it may also be a slow poison to their business.

Here is why!

Have you ever hear people saying "red wine is good for health"blah blah blah.... but too much of red wine (over consumption) is bad for health. Water heal, water kill.

Consider this, you start posting your promos in a Facebook group. You get lots of "likes" and "attentions", you are happy because customers come and patronize you. This cycle continues.....

Remember this: You are not EXCLUSIVE in the group. When you are performing well, other business owners also can see. They will COPY you. They start posting. When this happen, readers have more choice to read and "accept" more promotions fro various businesses. SLOWLY, you will be overtaken by the newer ones, better ones, sustainable ones, etc...

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to predict what will happen next. 

Aren't you killing yourself?

Any solution? Yes. There is and you need to exercise it as soon as possible.

If your posts are attracting lots of crowds, I congratulate you. But please don't be complacent. When customer come, do these few things:
  1. get to know them
  2. try to get their contact details such as name, tel, emails
  3. invite them to share 
  4. give them freebies for a "return" reason
  5. enroll them into any membership program that you can launch
  6. Discount for next visits
  7. etc....
Whatever it is, always give them a "compelling" or "preferential favor" to return.

Sound difficult? Too messy? Don't know how to start? Most importantly, tight budget?

Well, there is no free lunch in this society. Let me share with you how one of my business "COFFEE:NOWHERE" uses a Mobile App to increase sales, retain customers and to increase cash flow without robbing a bank.

In this example, I will just quote one "function" on how it help us keep track and retain customers. If you explore the app further, you will know how COFFEE:NOWHERE actually uses the app to "pre-sell" products through their packages and also accumulating cash through "pre-paid" system.

First, please download "COFFEE NOWHERE" app from App Store or Google Play. After installing, follow these easy steps:
  1. Tap loyalty
  2. Choose the loyalty program to redeem
  3. Login/register <----- this is where you know customers details
  4. Tap to stamp
  5. Redeem upon completion

Tap on "LOYALTY"

Select the loyalty program to redeem

Login or register for new user

Tap to stamp

Phone will show a QR for merchant to authenticate.

Redeem upon completion

Easy right?

What are the benefits?

•    Create as many loyalty program as you like
–    There is no restriction of how many loyalty program you wish to create.
•    Collect customer datas
–    Customers is required to register and login
•    Unique passcode for each staff for authentication
–    No more foul play. Each stamp is traceable
•    No wastage
–    Customer just need to download your mobile app
•    No worries of losing data
–    Data is cloud based and backup live. Customer just need to re-download the app and login again.
•    100% track-able
–    Every transaction is tracked and logged in the admin panel
•    Cost effective

What are the disadvantages if you are using the traditional physical card of "stamp and redeem" ?

Access and try for yourself. Don't wait till customers stop coming then you start taking action.

COFFEE:NOWERE apps is created by "Big Apps Idea Pte Ltd" and the running cost is only USD59/mth. Imagine and compare what if you pay for magazine advertisement, facebook boosting etc.... all these will cost a lot more and may not achieve your desire result.

For more information, you may contact Big Apps Idea (Whatsapp/wechat/tel) +65 84842777

Thanks for viewing. Please continue to support my blog and I hope to bring you more real life technique that work. Most importantly, if you find it useful, share with your friends.

Thank you and God bless.


About the Author

Welson is a serial entrepreneur and has an impressive track record of running and building businesses from scratch (most of the time not knowing much about the industries and businesses) and growing it exponentially. He graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Business, Double Major in Marketing & E-commerce. 

Welson came from a humble family background, started working at 13 years old and experienced near bankruptcy. He started his first business "Expressprint" at 27 with only $2000 and a mountain of debts. 10 years later, Expressprint grew to become the most sought after licensing brand in Singapore with more than 500 licensees. In fact, he now runs a diversify portfolio of businesses such printing, mobile apps, car wash, carpentry, laundry, training, gifts, packaging, F & B, etc... a whopping 33 businesses in total with an 8-digit annual revenue.

This multitasking, talented entrepreneur truly live his "creator" vision. Under some kind coincidence, a coffee spark went off in his soul. Mr. Ang brought together individuals who together with his divine business acumen birthed forth COFFEE:NOWHERE. Besides being featured on national papers, and live interviews, his passion was highly commended with a Merit Award by Shell LiveWire as an outstanding young Entrepreneur in 2007 and also multiple national awards.

A true believer of a journey of excellence in everything he touches, within months of birthright, Mr. Ang led COFFEE:NOWHERE to 4 countries and 7 outlets in Asia. This includes Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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