Customers! The main source of revenue

Customers! The main source of revenue...

The process of business is very simple “Someone selling, someone buying”. Taking a closer look at this process, it begins to show complexity. Questions like “Who is selling?”, “What are you selling?”, “Who is buying?” etc... trigger off. These questions can be easily answered by the sellers. Having to know these answers are NOT enough to succeed in today's competitive market.

Let me advise you. To be more effective, you need to reach out to your targeted audience. Yes! You are right to laugh off this statement. Who on earth doesn't know this? Probably I should be advising on how to send your marketing messages across to them, etc... This will be a better advise right? BUT WAIT a minute, who are the “them”? And how to get “them”?

Who are the “them”? Actually refers to your potential customer. A potential customer is any person or business that may be interested, seeking, could be convinced, sold, advertised to, walk by your shop, read your advertisement, view your video, hear your radio advertisement, or your story about a product or services. Basically, anyone having a need, which you may be able to fulfill.

How to get “them”? Some of the most common traditional ways includes newspaper & media advertising, poster, flyers, brochures, etc... These media may not be effective. As a business owner, the only data you received is probably the sales figures. You can only compare the sales revenue collected during the marketing campaign VS sales revenue collected before the marketing campaign. This data only revealed how effective was your marketing campaign. Still, you do not know “who sees it?”, “how many people sees it?” and most importantly “how to reach out to them in the future?”. After spending so much marketing money on traditional media, you may feel shortchanged. This cycle will continue to go on and YOU continue paying for it.

These are not “NEW” concerns. Recently, I came across a local (Singapore) company introducing a new method to address these concerns. They make use of “QR code” technology. That may not be seemingly new to you. What so innovative is, through the use of QR code, businesses can capture TWO very important sets of data:
  1. Number of people who view your advertisement?
  2. Who are they?
Isn't it fantastic? Now you are able to track the number of people who view your advertisement and you can also know who are they.

How does this work? In order to effectively show you how it works, I have contacted the local company and did a case study with Expressprint.
That is all from the business perspective. Now, Lets take a look at what's next after the customer scanned the QR code. These are screen shots from an iPhone.
How does it benefit your business?

While the customers scan and send the request for your promotion as advertised, their email addresses will also be captured. These emails captured will be very personal and direct ones as most people will store their personal email in their phone setting. These emails will also be captured into google group where you can download the entire list or send out future promotion to them.

In addition, when the customer scans, they can also share your promotion with their friends via emails or social media platform such as Facebook & Twitter. Apart from this, customer can also call you direct from the phone, check your location via google maps. All these at the click of a button
The investment for this system is only a fraction of what you paid for the traditional methods.

Moreover, this local company also came out with a proprietary online monitoring system that can help you manage the campaign and track the numbers.
While the technique is fantastic, it may not be suitable for some business. This system are more suitable for:
  1. Businesses with Physical Venue (Retail, F&B etc)
  2. Businesses that advertise in physical media
  3. Speakers/Trainers/Event Organisers
  4. Tradeshow participating merchants
If you are keen to know more about this technique, please send me an email to or sms me at 9-three 8 nine 9 nine 4 eight.

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