New Age Marketing Technique - QR codes

New Age Marketing Technique

This is the first time that we make use of technology to run an interactive marketing campaign. We make use of the QR code generator to generate an unique code (it is something like a barcode). Thereafter, when anyone scan it with a QR scanner, it will link the user to our backend engine which then trigger the interactive marketing. All these will take within 10 seconds.

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One of the major benefits is that we are able to capture and track the number of people who (in this case the Free $300 printing voucher campaign) participated in our campaign. This is important because it will reveal a lot of KPI at the lowest possible costs. Another benefits will be the ability to generate traffic via social media such as facebook and twitter. Of course, the benefits does not stop here. There is a whole lot of things that can be done with this "New age marketing technique". If you are interested to know more, you may email me at Trust me, you'll be blown away by the power of this technique.

So, how does this works?
  1. Define a marketing campaign
  2. Generate a QR code
  3. Linked to our proprietary online system (annual subscription basis)
  4. Start the campaign (make the QR code as visible* to your "target audience" as possible)
  5. Track the result of the campaign via our proprietary online system
Our tent card. Check it out at Expressprint

You will need a QR reader but no worries, you can download the free apps from Apple (called "SCAN), Blackberry (called "QR Code Scanner Pro") and Android (called "ScanLife).
Dear friends, this is the contents of the Print Vouchers

1 x $100 voucher for use on offset Corporate folder printing (min 500pcs)
1 x $100 voucher for use on offset Paper Bag printing (min 500pcs)
1 x $50 voucher for use on offset Brochure printing (min 1000pcs)
1 x $20 voucher for use on offset Flyers printing (min 100pcs)
1 x $15 voucher for use on offset Greeting Card printing (min 100pcs)
1 x $10 voucher for use on Pre-Ink Rubber Stamp (min 2pcs)
2 x $5 voucher for use on offset Business Card printing (min 200pcs)

Our prices are transparent. You can check out more information from our website

*you can print the QR code onto your brochure, poster, namecards, tent cards, basically anywhere so long your audience can see and scan.

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