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About Dealership Program
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About the printing industry

The demand for printed goods is everywhere, from corporate advertisements to wedding invitations. All businesses, both large and small, need printing done to increase their visibility in the marketplace and to communicate by mail to their customers, among other things. Due to the constant need for printed goods, print business opportunities are still very valuable. The most common print method required are offset printing, digital printing and large format printing.

What does this means to you?

There are still plenty of opportunities to maximize profit. In order for you to run a print business and provide these methods of printing, you may need huge investments (in the hundreds of thousand dollars to millions of dollars) in machinery, infrastructure and operations setup. Expertise in managing technical and business operations is also a must. There's a much better alternative to setting your own print shop

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What can Printonline do for you?

We have specifically designed a Dealership Program to help you benefit from these opportunities. We have already invested heavily in the machinery, technologies and the entire operational process. Now, we are offering these print solutions to you so that you can provide premium printing services to your client at a huge profit! Currently, we have more than 30 standard offset printing products, 8 standard digital print products and 6 standard large format printing products. These printed product offerings should be able to meet most of your client's print requirements. What's more, our prices are up to 76% lower than others!

Don't just take our words for it. Check out our prices for yourself. You can sign up for a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT (click here to sign up)

Now, you are own your printing business at ZERO cost!

This programme is designed for people who wish to maximise their profits by offering print services to their existing or new customers.

Once you become a dealer, you will be given access to an ePrinting Account that comes with a set of login passwords. You can make use of the ePrinting Account to check pricing and product specifications, place an order, check production status, manage invoices and accounts, etc.

Our dealers can take full advantage of the one-stop portal for all offset, digital and large format printing solutions to resell for a profit. We've priced our products at a huge discount so that you can maximize your profit and remain competitive.

Most importantly, this portal is available to you 24/7. You are free to choose when you and where you want to work!

No minimum maintenance or monthly subscription

We offer a lifetime membership at a flat rate of only SGD $688. All Dealers are required to join us as member in order to make use of the ePrinting Account and also to enjoy the full benefits of the dealership program.
FREE 2 hours Business Essential Training (1 to 1 session) worth $288

Module 1) Introduction to Printing
Module 2) Materials, Finishing, production
Module 3) Basic System Knowledge
Module 4) Artwork Preparation for print

This program is a pre-paid system.

You need not maintain any credit balance or subscription fees to access your ePrinting Account. However, before you can make any order, you need to have a credit balance in your account that is sufficient for you to place the order. You may reload your account via bank transfer or cheque. When your credit depletes, you can reload via your ePrinting Account. All credit deposits are refundable upon the closure of ePrinting account.

Join the revolutionary Printonline Dealership Program. You chance to own a full facilities printing plant at ZERO cost! Visit www.printonline.com.sg or call +65 6100 2359 to know more.

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