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Sunday, 22 January 2012

At the age of 13 part 4

I still remember the days when I was in Chongfu Primary School (one of the best in Yishun), my results were very consistently good. I am not the hardworking type who will study or revise after school. Basically, after school, that's my play time. I played marble, five stones and zero-point. Most of which had EXTINCT by now.

Even during exam, I never studied nor prepared for it.But my results remain to be good. I owed my good results to my teachers especially Mr Zhuang and Mr Sia teaching me chinese and english respectively. They are very strict and the best communication they ALWAYS used was "CANE". After kana caning from english lesson, the next lesson chinese, also kana cane. Haiz!

The reason why I went start accounting for my life before age 13 is to set the stage up on how it affected me when I was in Sec One (age 13).

Given the "talent" of getting good results without studying, I applied the same theory in my secondary school. I still remember it was a Chinese CA. All of my classmates are studying very hard except for me. I actually laughed at them for studying hard. A few days after the test, the result came back. To my surprise, I scored 27/100. I failed! I became worried in how to account to my mother.

I can't remember how I get past my mother. I do remember this taught me not to be complacent and I must always prepare for the test. From this incident onwards, I started to pay 101% attention in class and really study hard for the test. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

At the age of 13 part 3

It was also at this age, I started to mix around with the wrong company when I was working in the silkscreen printing company. When I first met them, these people are exceptionally nice  and really care for me. Their ultimate aim is to "befriend" (recruit) me to the gang which I eventually fall for it.

Life is pretty normal with these people. I did not commit any offenses and remain "kuai-kuai" throughout the year.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

At the age of 13 part 2

I was studying in Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. There, I was also involved in gardening. I helped out the gardener in watering the plants.

This gardener when he knows of the hardship and work I was doing, he offered me a job where he "moonlighted" as a cleaner in a small local church near the school.

My duty is to help scrap the bird-shit and to maintain the cleanliness of the place. I was paid $13 a day for 2 - 3 hours job.

I can't really remember the name of the church but I suspect it is Tabernacle Baptist Church when I try to google according to my memories.

This is the street view of the location

Starting at the age of 13

At the age of 13, I was enrolled to the school of reality. I started working as a child "slave" in a silkscreen printing (now then I know its called silkscreen) company doing all the manual imprints on cloths. It was hard labor and sweat job.

The job requires me to stand all the time and the only time I get to sit was during lunch time.

I was only paid $1.90 / hr but I get to work for 11 hours a day which give me a good income of $19 (less 1 hr lunch break) a day.

This went on a few weeks before I called it quit.