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Thursday, 16 February 2012

At the age of 14 - 15: He caught hold of me

Having so many different encounters, finally, I am turning 15 years old, Hooray! This post will describe the event that really affected my life even onto this day.

If was a beautiful weekend (why weekend? because I couldn't remember was it Saturday or Sunday), a few of my friends and I were gathering around the open space outside Sogo (currently, it is Raffles City). We were chit chatting very happily and of course started to smoke too. All of a sudden, in the midst of the gathering, 2 very stern came walking at our direction. I thought "siao liao". So early must fight? If become bloody later how to go out walk walk. As they were approaching nearer, my friends signal me to represent them "pui dai ji". I pat my chest and told them "ai zai lah".

When the 2 men finally walked closed enough, I asked them "si mi dai ji?" When they started to speak I was VERY taken a back. They spoke with such well manner and politeness that it did not tally with their outlook. One of the guy asked "the weather is nice but why do you guys sit under the hot sun.?" "We see that you guys will so engross in the conversation with so much laughter and joy that we decided to come and join in if you don't mind.?" We eye-contacted among each other and says ok.

After they make themselves comfortably seated, one of them start to say, can I tell you a Good news but before that, he would tell a story.... we agreed and here it went...." In the beginning, the world was in total went on and God came into the picture." So now I understand.... They were spreading the Good News also known as the Gospel. All of a sudden, the atmosphere became very tense and we rejected God upright. I even made fun of God. I teased them by asking them who is God from behind? They were puzzled and I told them is "dog" (sorry God, please forgive me). We burst into laughter citing He was "Ang Mo God", we pray "chinese god" and went off. That was my first encounter with God.

Law of attraction does exist. A few days later when I was in school, the topic of God kept ringing near my ears. Either people were sharing on what God did for them or how God provided for them etc... Out of all these testimonies that I heard, one testimony impressed me. That was "In church, we got to hold our neighbor hands". Yes. you are right, my thoughts were distorted. I became very aroused by this. Now the miracle came. One of the most "bookworm" prefect invited me to church. He even told me who will be going....ah ha. Yes one of the beaut was going as well. I finally got a chance to hold her hand also. I agreed.

Photo from
That day came, the church that I was invited to was City Harvest Church (one of the mega church in Singapore right now). The church service was held in Dynasty Hotel (now known as Marriot Hotel). During the service, there were singing, clapping and true enough holding hands too (but I stand beside the prefect...sob sob). There was peace in it. To be honest, I quite liked the service and the preaching. It speak senses into me. The service ended and that was also the day I first mixed around with "guai kia".

Picture from
Mr S A Tan will never allow his man to draw closer to God. When I went home, I told my father about it. I REALLY did not know what got into him. He started to scold me and even beat me with his belt. I did not retaliate because that day the message was about honoring our parent (even in the organization, filial piety ranks above all). I let him beat and my mother try to stop. The more she try to stop my father, the more angrier he became. Suddenly he dropped the belt and went into the kitchen to take a chopper. He wanted to chop me. I was afraid because I had not underwent training against sharp weapons. My mother with all her strength and might, managed to snatch the chopper away. I pick up the belt and knelt down offering the belt back to my father to continue beating me. Just when he wanted to take the belt, my mother push him away. Ultimately, my father scolded me (forgot what he said) and he left the house. My mother talked to me nicely and consoled me saying that my father was concern of me going to a cult. She added, if it was a proper church, how come got no building and you gather in a hotel? I thought over it and too agrees for I didn't know whats true, whats false. The saga came to an end.

Mr Prefect keep asking me back to church saying that the friends there missed me. I felt his sincerity and decided to give it a try again. I went for a few more services and some of the topics were quite interesting. I likened the topics on devils possession and the effect of curse. On one occasion, which I was sleeping, I just felt strapped down. I was perspiring very heavily and also I couldn't even move my hands at all. My mouth was like being covered. I couldn't speak or shout for help. I saw a skeleton right in front of my eyes, starring at me. It was very scary. Trust me, it was really like hell to me. Suddenly, I remember what pastor shared abut our power in Christ and that there is power in His blood. I tried to pray (I was not a Christian yet)but no words came out. I use all my strength t try and try again. Finally, I managed to pray. I still remember the prayer "You devil, get out of me.  Jesus shed his blood for me and not for you. I command you in the name of Jesus to get out now." True enough, the devil was gone and I regain control over myself. What an unexpected encounter.

As a member of the "organization", I swear and cursed people like nobody business. But I always do one thing. That is after every time I cursed, I will murmur to God to cancel the curse. This is because pastor says that do not curse because in the revelation of God’s law, words as well as actions are assigned moral values. Lying, blasphemy, taking the Lord’s name in vain, and cursing are examples of sinful speech forbidden in the Mosaic Law.

I tried to convince my members to go to church together and they say I siao. Why I became so holy and so on....I couldn't convince myself to let go of the bad company and mix with the good one. I chose them over God. From then on I decided not to attend church anymore and the good teaching also disappeared together.

My reflection: All things happened for a reason. His way is always higher than ours. He (God) has a plan for us. I will like to thank God for all that He has done for me, allowing different things to happen to me. Otherwise, where can I find so many stories to tell.

 Continue to follow my blog. More will be revealed as I progressed onto the journey

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

At the age of 14: My first fight in school

In my last posting on my first truancy in school, I wrote about the reason for playing truant and the punishment I gotten from it. If you have missed that post, you can read about it here

At the later part of that year, I am proud to say that my courage and skills improved tremendously from the training and coaching I received from the "organization".  My behavior and values also changed because of that. For example, I walked 360 or "Sa Bak Lak" in hokkien, starring people for no apparent reason, always ready for a confrontation and many more things. Basically, I don't put people in my eyes. My attitude was "I am the king, I am the world".

That day during my Art & Craft lesson, I am creating a commotion at the end of the classroom, disturbing the class. My art teacher Mr ART (name changed for privacy) got flared out and punished me. He asked me to stand outside the class and drew a circle for me to stand in. While he continued teaching the class, I began to irritate him with all the small actions. Mr ART got irritated and we had a heated argument. Things got so worst that we shouted. All of the sudden, the magical spark came. Mr ART touted "YOU SON OF A GUN". That's it! This spark ignited me. I touted back vulgarities at him and finally, I lost my cool. I went into the class, grabbed my chair and flaunted at him all the way from the back of the classroom. I cannot really remember if the chair hit him or he shielded off. The whole class was in a shock. Time stopped for a while when one of my classmates ran out of the class to seek help.

Within seconds, my classmate came back with the discipline master, Mr Sani. Now, the commotion started again. While Mr Sani was trying to calm the situation down, I ran and grab Mr ART by the collar and attempted to finish him off. But I fail. I was caught by Mr Sani and dragged me out of the class. He was a nice guy although he "caned" me before. He told me to calm down while he tried to resolve the matter. Thereafter, he bought me to his office to reason things out.

In his office, he analyzed for me the situation and the trouble I got into. He said, he would inform my parents and the principal. He said I could face expulsion from the school for my action.  I became very worried as my parent will definitely gets very upset. I pleaded with Mr Sani to help me. He said he would put in "good words" and asked for leniency for me. He just requested me to leave it into his hand and don't speak or attempt to defend myself during the meeting.

My parents were informed and came. Together with Mr ART, my parents, Mr Sani and myself, we were in the principal's office. Throughout the meeting, I maintained silent as promised. Moments later, I was asked to leave the office while they have a closed-door discussion. After a wile, I was asked to go in. Finally, the verdict came. Principal decided to pardon my behavior and wanted me to apologize to Mr ART. I was also given 3-strokes of cane.

This incident finally came to an end. My first fight was actually against my teacher.

After that incident, Mr ART and I actually became closer and on talking terms. I also scored "A" for Art & Craft. After I left school, we lost contact.

Ironically after many years, while I was in my printing shop, a familiar face walked into my shop (Expressprint @ Chinatown Point) to place a print order. He was Mr ART. He couldn't recognize me as my size "ballooned". I went up and acknowledge him and we reunion-ed. I even smoked with him. Haha.

My reflection: Thinking back, it was indeed very childish of me to react that way. Violent can never resolve issues. I thank Mr ART for his kindness and acceptance. It was through his guidance that I became creative and also indirectly leading to the business I operate. For those who liked my designs, Mr ART was my inspiration. I will like to honor him as my mentor.

More interesting stories are coming. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

At the age of 14: My first truancy in school

In my last post, I talk about my first courtship and how it ended in a failure amidst the perfect preparation. If you missed this post, you can read it here

After the courtship failure that day, I felt so ashamed and useless. Just one girl only, I also cannot overcome. I find it very difficult to face Alle and friends. My lost my pride totally. We reached the school and alighted off the bus. Instead of proceeding to the school, I u-turned and went to Alle's home nearby. When we met, I told her what happened. She consoled me and asked me to calm down. There were many more "cai" around. Still, I have to act tough. I must pretend to act as if nothing happened. I told her I am gonna to skip school that day to settle "big things". (Actually by doing this, I hope she and her gang may perceive me as the strong type. Easy come, easy go. And that it will cover the fact that I failed to courtship)

In my heart, I already planned to fake a letter from my parent to cover my absentee. But I couldn't go home. My mother would surely ask me what am I doing at home and how am I suppose to tell her this. I called up one of my friend from the gang and asked if it is okay to go his house. He said ok and I took a bus there. In his house, we talked for a while and I also help him changed water in the fish tank. Its 6pm and its time to go home. I left.

I reached home as usual at 6:45pm. When I step into the house, the atmosphere was very tense. Very seldom I got to see both my father and mother at home together at this hour. I know something is very wrong. True enough, the first question threw at me was "where were you this afternoon?". I know siao liao.... no need to hide anymore. My form teacher Mrs Nirmal Singh actually called in the afternoon as I was supposed to submit something important (I forgot what was that). Due to the urgency, she decided to call my house and that was when my plot got exposed. I told my mother in full details of what happened. She did not scold me and said both of them will accompnay me to school the next day to answer for my action.

Mrs Molly Tan, Principal
Photo from
I couldn't really sleep that night. When morning came, I hesitatingly woke up and changed into my school uniform. My parents went to school with me. We went straight to my form teacher who in-turn brought us to the principal's office (Mrs Molly Tan). I was lectured by the principal and was really very guilty in dragging my parent into this. Finally, the verdict came. I was found guilty and given 2 stroke of cane. She called in our macho disciplinary master, Mr Sani to execute the punishment. Given his muscular built, I know for sure my buttock sure 开花. My parents accepted the punishment and I know it really saddened them to see me punished. I told myself, no matter what, don't cry and soon it will be over. I bent my body and rested my hands onto the table getting in position. I don't dare to see the cane but somehow I caught a glimpse of it. The cane was long and thick. I heard the sound of wave cutting through the air and landed onto my buttock. Then, came the second stroke. It was painful but I showed no expression in order not to grieve my parents further. Thereafter, we left the office and I hang around the school compound getting ready for school.

My reflection:  Sometimes, when I looked back at this incident, it tells me one thing "Paper can never contain fire".

Coming out next will be "My first fight in school". Stay tuned!

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Monday, 6 February 2012

At the age of 14: My first courtship

[ANNOUNCEMENT] I received several feedback from many readers that my blog is difficult to followup as it is categorized in parts.  I decided to adapt their suggestion to put a subject title instead of using "part x". Please continue to give me feedback and suggestion. They are very valuable to me as I am a relatively new blogger. Thank you!

At the age of 14, I am just like many of you going through puberty transition from a boy to a teenage. It may not at this age that I discover my interest in girls. All the while I believe I am a normal boy who will be attracted to the opposite sex. My first love did not come at that age. Rather I started to have a crush with my classmate when I was 10yrs old. Its was termed as "puppy-love".

During that time, it was very normal to be involved in a Boy-Girl-Relationship (BGR) or we term it as "go-steady" or "kia-stead". It all started in my class 2F (Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School). In my class, there is 3 beauties. JEN, ALLE and SK (name replaced for identity protection). These 3 are like sisters, always gathering together. Alle and SK is the more sociable type. Jen is more of the quiet and attentive type. One fine day, in a very casual setting, I was sitting from afar from these 3 girls who were chit-chatting. Suddenly, the sweetness of smile from Jen captured my attention and I was totally mesmerized by her. I knew.... she will be my target.

With a target set, I begin my research on her. I find all sorts of reasons to show up "purposely" for more exposure. I also make countless call to Alle to know more about her, the type of guys she like, etc... After all the initial survey, there was two major hurdles. Firstly, she would like someone taller than her and secondly, he must be a gentlemen (as in not bad-boy). I was exactly the same height as her standing at 160cm. How do I get taller? I went and search for a white canvas shoes that has thicker sole (which I eventually found and bought). This shoes gave me a good lift of 2cm. Well, it can be unnoticeable to her. So I decided to slot in 2 more soles to get 1cm more. So officially, I am 163cm now, one problem down. For the second hurdle, i cannot solve given my other involvement. I decided on using sincerity to win her heart.

With adequate survey and preparation, I decided to pluck out my courage to wait for her under her flat and send her to school as an expression of love. That morning, I prepare myself by ironing my uniform repeatedly, whitened my shoes and combed a "curry-puff" hair. Yeah... I still wear my father's perfume. I reached her house at around 11am. We were in the afternoon session and she should leave by 12noon.

Photos from

I sat on the stone tables at the void deck facing the lift. I was starring at the lift. Every time when the doors opened, I hope to see her. After countless time of door opening, finally I SAW HER when the doors opened. My heartbeat stopped for a moment but it came back. Embarrassingly, I went up to her. When she saw me, she was a bit surprise and I think she felt "disgusted" too. I walked her to the bus-stop silently and took the bus together with her. In the bus, she took the last corner seat and I make my way and sat beside her shamelessly. I decided to start a conversation with her. The conversation was a one-way traffic, getting responses like nodding her head and winking of eyes, etc... Since I am already into this situation, I decided to pump in the golden question :"你今晚有空吗? 我想约你去Expo" She says "No, and please don't do this anymore. Don't make me hate you."

At that moment, I really hope to find a hole to squeeze in and hide. I was rejected upright, totally no face and yet I still got to see her in class. This was the end of my first courtship. It ended as a FAILURE.

Coming out next will be "My first truancy in school". Stay tuned!

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Friday, 3 February 2012

At the age of 14: part 4

[NOTE] This blog is written in parts. It may be inter-related. To help you understand better, you may have to read some earlier parts stated in reference.

[REFERENCE] In the earlier post, I wrote on my journey on acquiring powers from notorious organization. This blog will describe the after-effect. You can also read on my previous post @

Being a new member, there is a lot of things to learn. It really widen my horizon. To be frank, most of the "stuffs" I was exposed to, really frightened me. Think of it this way, I am only 14 years old then. How much "society" have I seen before..... not to mention encountering face-to-face.

The three standard process for all new comers will be:
  1. Introduction to the "organization". They will touch on:
    • History of the organization
    • Hierarchy and management team
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Area of influence
  2. Team building
    • Regular meetings at "cafeteria"
    • "Counseling" from your leader
    • Outdoor "activities"
  3. Training
    • Mastering your "kungfu" and "courage"
    • "Brand" management
    • "PR" communication to the public
    • "Sales" presentation for "new member recruitment"
Every organization is different and unique. Our organization does it so well that it "motivate" us to be even more "loyal"~brand loyalty.

Although I am still under training, a training is still a training and its not proven until tested. During the period of undergoing rigorous training and education, we will be given the opportunities to test it out. This is especially true for  the course on Mastering your "kungfu" and "courage".

Our training ground (photo from wikipedia)

Our leader will gather us at night to roam the street (market survey). When he spot someone suitable, he will just point and we will go and engage the person in the form of a role play. Normally, when we go up to that person, we will "courteously" ask him for permission to participate in our role play which most of the time they "agreed". In some occasion, when they did not agree and tries to walk off, we will catch up with him to persuade him. Then ALL of the time they will relent to our "enthusiasm" and "sincerity". Sometimes during the role play, we were so excited that he and us will shout in "joy". As it is late in the night, we are also train to be silent even in excitement. Most of the time the role play is a "success". However, sometimes, we met a seasoned player and during the engagement, we lost control and "lose" terribly.

Photos taken from
Our leader will then show us love and concern and continues to encourage us to go on.  This goes on for a couple of months before we "pass-out".

Stay tune on my blog to find out what happened next.

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

At the age of 14 Part 3

With the encounter of the "dance" gang, it made me realized one thing:

In order to conquer, I must first have power.  The easiest way for me to gain power is to join a even bigger gang. The more members, the more powerful I will be.

I started to look for a big gang to join. I got in touch with the friends from the silkscreen company. I told them about my problem and expressed my interested in becoming one f them. I did not made a wrong choice. They were truly from a much bigger gang. From my understanding that time, "dance gang" were made up of people who are between the age of 12-20 years old. "Dance-gang" normally hang out in groups in shopping center, basketball court, void deck etc....

The gang that I joined is a "number-gang". This gang comprises of members between 15-40+ years old. They have so-called territory under their care. The common gathering place is at a coffee shop. So in the event they need to identify themselves, they will use "Estate" + "block number" +  "number".

Joining a number gang has got a procedure as well. In order to be termed as blood-brothers, all newly recruited members has to go through a ceremony. For my case, a few of us were brought to a deserted hill near Yishun-Seletar area where they setup a temporary alter to pray. The ceremony was conducted by the gang leader. During the ceremony, we prayed to the god (don't know what god), burned incenses and offered burnt offering. The last stage was the most horrible. We made an oath, shed some blood, mixing it together with water and drank among us. Thereafter, the ceremony was completed. I was officially part of the gang.

I felt proud and the feeling of belonging is good. For the first time in my life I felt secure. I felt love and concern from my fellow brothers. I am able to share my joy and sadness with them. They could understand how I feel and there was never a barrier to relate or discuss anything with them.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

At the age of 14 Part 2

This year was also the first time I got into trouble with a local "dance*" gang.

One day while I was walking home after school, a youngster signaled for me to follow him. Out of curiosity, I stupidly followed. I was led to a "ulu" hdb flat when more people appeared. They obviously do not look friendly. I still do not know what is happening and suddenly, one of them just ran over to me, grasp me by my collar and start punching my stomach. It was very painful and I yelled so loud that I was slapped repeatedly. The beating stopped eventually. Another member walked up to me and said "I heard you say you are one of us at the basketball court yesterday. When are you recruited?" At that time, I knew something went terribly wrong and begin to shiver and think back what did I do.

[....Yesterday, while I was playing basketball at the court, a fellow player just chit-chatted with me and asked me do I belong to any group. I answer with a "fictitious" group (which turned out to be real) naively. Storyline that happened in the movie happened to me. The person actually knew the "real" group and linked me up with the leader only for them to realize I am fake.]

Apart from the punching and slapping, I was also extorted of my pocket money of $5 and a MRT card. They tried to snatch my watch as well but I managed to plead them to forgo it. Having gotten their revenge and satisfying their ego, they decided to let me go with a stern warning. The saga ends here.

This event affected me from that time onwards. I will reveal more as I journey towards my present age. Stay tune!.

*Dance Gang - at that time are local gang which frequent disco such as "FIRE". At that time, it is very "in" for teens to go for tea-dance party (afternoon party) as its cater for underage person.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

At the age of 14 part 1

I need money, more income.....

The moment I turned 14 years old, immediately I went to apply for a job in a Fast Food Restaurant. In order to earn more money, I actually choose to work in A & W restaurant located at the Singapore Zoo. Particularly this outlet pays $2.50/hr (it could be due to the unfriendly location but its ok for me as I stay in Yishun. Direct bus there - SBS service 171). In those days, average fast-food joint pays around $1.80-$2.00 per hour only.

I actually enjoyed working there because of the good income (I can earn up to $20 per day) and I always get the manager to plan for me to work 14-hours during public holiday because the pay was doubled.

TIPS: When wrapping burgers, never press and hold with your thumb. It will depress the top bun and look very ugly. The correct way should be holding the burger with the thumb up.