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Friday, 24 February 2012

At the age of 15: Fashion, Fashions

By now, you will have known that I have been working regularly since 13 years old. In comparison to most of my peers back then, I was considered "rich". I could afford to buy a lot stuffs with minimal budget constraint.

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During that time, all of a sudden, I noticed that many of my schoolmates were carrying paper bags of designer brands and labels. Within a couple of weeks, this trend infected the school. I could see students carrying these paper bags of different labels carrying, shouldering it around the school. The common topics revolved around the brand, designer and price. Then came the comparison on who owned what, who had more, who spent more.... etc... Some of the more high profile and fashionable people became the "chosen" one to be looked upon as role models.

I was not the "chosen one". In fact, I had no sense of dressing. I wore my jeans high and tugged in my t-shirt. The more I saw how fashionable they dressed, the more envy I became. I decided to be FASHIONABLE as well. I sought advises from my friends for the current trend and so on.  I also went the extra mile by doing my own research of fashion sense. I would sit along Orchard Road and observe how people dressed and wore. From these surveys, I roughly got an idea on how I should dress.

Finally, I decided I need to start from somewhere. I went to Paragon Shopping Centre (where most of the branded boutiques were) to buy my first piece of branded clothing. I was overwhelmed with choices and I don't know which boutique to go. I walked randomly into this boutique "Trussardi". I was alone and that was the most horrifying moment. I must admit that I was badly dressed. The sales staff starred at me and ignored me. I couldn't be bothered. It was even better as I could shop in peace. My eyes was set on one pair of jeans, the price was $299 (in my heart, I was thinking, I had to word 1 week plus for this). Still I didn't regrett, I asked the sales staff to get me my size. After trying on, I decided to buy it and teh sales staff wrapped nicely and put into a very nice paper bag. I took it and left the boutique. Yes! I had my first branded "paper bag". The next day, I proudly carried this paper bag to school. I attracted some stares as Trussardi was not the common brands.

To be honest, I was hooked onto these attention. My aim of life was to buy as many branded stuff as possible. The underlying reason for me to work was to buy these branded stuff. I was totally obsessed with it, to the extend that I couln't wear anything that was not "branded". This went on for a few years. A rough summary of what I brands I had owned before (roughly remembered):

These brands are owned by their respective tradmarks holder.
How much did I spent? Most of the stuffs falls in the range of a few hundre dollars. Individually, I may not remember how much I paid for these stuffs. I do remember some of the most expensive item I bought are:
1) Shirt - Gianni Versace ~ $750
2) Belt - Istante ~ $1200
3) Jeams - MCM ~ $900
4) Shoe - Gucci ~ $800

During that time, a casual dressing will cost me around $2000. The most expensive combination will be $4000+. This was the kind of money I spent on designer stuffs. But take note also, my wallet was EMPTY.

My reflection: In that few, I may have spent more than $30,000 on designer labels. Although I spent with my money (hard earn), it is still money. I did realise that afterall, not all of the cloths look nice on me. I buy for the brand, I buy for the sake of buying. Please to not fall in the trap fake glamous. It will be a killer especially if you cannot afford it. I had seen friends selling away their virgins for a few hundred dollars in order to purchase these designer labels. PLESE DO NOT DO IT. Our body is given perfectly by our parents. We must treasure it. If you need money, work hard to earn it. No other ways.

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Friday, 17 February 2012

At the age of 15: Getting the money

With so many events and activities happening when I am 14, time passed especially fast. I had turned 15. Do you still remember the job that I was holding when I am 14? Read about it here.

When I turned 15, there were more job openings instead of just limited to fast food restaurant server. I knew that I could earn more money for finding another part-time job. I bought a copy of The Straits Time to shortlist possible jobs. At that point of time, I am only in secondary 3 (= no certificate), i could not apply for many jobs as most of them minimally required a "N" or "O" level. I did not give up hope. I continued to search through the "Jobs ads" for a few more days.

Finally, my perseverance paid off. I saw a recruitment ads saying
"Odd jobs worker required. Min. 15yrs old, physically fit. Work in Defu area. P/t available. $4.50 per hour. Call 123 4567"

I knew this must be the job. Perfect requirement, perfect condition. Its a perfect match for me. I picked up the phone and called for an interview. I went for the interview as scheduled. During the interview, they took my height and weight and asked me about my physical activities. Satisfied with the answer, now they revealed what job I was apply for. Its a welding job (I will be the welder). My job scope includes cutting and preparing the metal rods to be welded, welding and also occasionally apply spray paint onto it. It was a tough job and physically straining. Nonetheless, I decided accept the job since the salary to me was attractive.

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On the first day of work, I was taken to a brief tour around the factory. Then I was taught how to cut metal rod. Thereafter, I was put onto the actual job (wasting no time!). It was very tiring and I got to endure the "smelly-rusty" metal smell. The job was tough, sweaty and I was always covered with rust. A few days later, I was taught to weld and later on, paint spraying. I did that for a few weeks and finally I decided to give up as my skin started to develop rashes. I submitted my resignation but was pleaded to stay till they found a replacement for me. I agreed and left the company eventually when the new guy came.

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I was jobless. I decided to find another job. I was thinking, odd jobs was "shiong". I would try to find another classification. I looked into "cleaner" section and found this "night-cleaner" job. I applied  and went for the interview. During the interview, I was told that I would be sent to "Shangri-La Hotel" as kitchen cleaner. The working hours were 11pm to 6am. The pay was about $30 per day. However, there was an important clause "If I did not turn u for work, I will have $50 deducted from my salary and $100 deducted from my salary the second time. Third time, I would be terminated and also salary confiscated".  I accepted it and on the next day I started work.

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I was assigned to clean the banquet kitchen. It was not really a tough job as compared to the welding job. Every time after the function in the ballroom, the kitchen was in a mess and we will be cleaning it like mad, However some times, when there was no functions, the kitchen was clean and we would find some place to sleep through the night. One of the most memorable thing was as a staff (although I am from sub-con), I was given coupon for supper and also breakfast to eat in the staff canteen. I had to emphasize, the food there was really fantastic. It was cooked by qualified chef. The food became part of the reason why I decided to work there till I turned 16 years old

So my routine was, school in the morning, go back home to sleep, work at night, go home and change to school uniform and the cycle starts again.

My reflection: Although work and study at the same time is not advisable, I will say that we may not be able to have the best of both world. This also goes to show that if we are willing, we will not starve. 

Continue to follow my blog. More will be revealed as I progressed onto the journey. Coming out next on my post will be related to the fashion. Stay tuned!

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

At the age of 14 - 15: He caught hold of me

Having so many different encounters, finally, I am turning 15 years old, Hooray! This post will describe the event that really affected my life even onto this day.

If was a beautiful weekend (why weekend? because I couldn't remember was it Saturday or Sunday), a few of my friends and I were gathering around the open space outside Sogo (currently, it is Raffles City). We were chit chatting very happily and of course started to smoke too. All of a sudden, in the midst of the gathering, 2 very stern came walking at our direction. I thought "siao liao". So early must fight? If become bloody later how to go out walk walk. As they were approaching nearer, my friends signal me to represent them "pui dai ji". I pat my chest and told them "ai zai lah".

When the 2 men finally walked closed enough, I asked them "si mi dai ji?" When they started to speak I was VERY taken a back. They spoke with such well manner and politeness that it did not tally with their outlook. One of the guy asked "the weather is nice but why do you guys sit under the hot sun.?" "We see that you guys will so engross in the conversation with so much laughter and joy that we decided to come and join in if you don't mind.?" We eye-contacted among each other and says ok.

After they make themselves comfortably seated, one of them start to say, can I tell you a Good news but before that, he would tell a story.... we agreed and here it went...." In the beginning, the world was in total went on and God came into the picture." So now I understand.... They were spreading the Good News also known as the Gospel. All of a sudden, the atmosphere became very tense and we rejected God upright. I even made fun of God. I teased them by asking them who is God from behind? They were puzzled and I told them is "dog" (sorry God, please forgive me). We burst into laughter citing He was "Ang Mo God", we pray "chinese god" and went off. That was my first encounter with God.

Law of attraction does exist. A few days later when I was in school, the topic of God kept ringing near my ears. Either people were sharing on what God did for them or how God provided for them etc... Out of all these testimonies that I heard, one testimony impressed me. That was "In church, we got to hold our neighbor hands". Yes. you are right, my thoughts were distorted. I became very aroused by this. Now the miracle came. One of the most "bookworm" prefect invited me to church. He even told me who will be going....ah ha. Yes one of the beaut was going as well. I finally got a chance to hold her hand also. I agreed.

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That day came, the church that I was invited to was City Harvest Church (one of the mega church in Singapore right now). The church service was held in Dynasty Hotel (now known as Marriot Hotel). During the service, there were singing, clapping and true enough holding hands too (but I stand beside the prefect...sob sob). There was peace in it. To be honest, I quite liked the service and the preaching. It speak senses into me. The service ended and that was also the day I first mixed around with "guai kia".

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Mr S A Tan will never allow his man to draw closer to God. When I went home, I told my father about it. I REALLY did not know what got into him. He started to scold me and even beat me with his belt. I did not retaliate because that day the message was about honoring our parent (even in the organization, filial piety ranks above all). I let him beat and my mother try to stop. The more she try to stop my father, the more angrier he became. Suddenly he dropped the belt and went into the kitchen to take a chopper. He wanted to chop me. I was afraid because I had not underwent training against sharp weapons. My mother with all her strength and might, managed to snatch the chopper away. I pick up the belt and knelt down offering the belt back to my father to continue beating me. Just when he wanted to take the belt, my mother push him away. Ultimately, my father scolded me (forgot what he said) and he left the house. My mother talked to me nicely and consoled me saying that my father was concern of me going to a cult. She added, if it was a proper church, how come got no building and you gather in a hotel? I thought over it and too agrees for I didn't know whats true, whats false. The saga came to an end.

Mr Prefect keep asking me back to church saying that the friends there missed me. I felt his sincerity and decided to give it a try again. I went for a few more services and some of the topics were quite interesting. I likened the topics on devils possession and the effect of curse. On one occasion, which I was sleeping, I just felt strapped down. I was perspiring very heavily and also I couldn't even move my hands at all. My mouth was like being covered. I couldn't speak or shout for help. I saw a skeleton right in front of my eyes, starring at me. It was very scary. Trust me, it was really like hell to me. Suddenly, I remember what pastor shared abut our power in Christ and that there is power in His blood. I tried to pray (I was not a Christian yet)but no words came out. I use all my strength t try and try again. Finally, I managed to pray. I still remember the prayer "You devil, get out of me.  Jesus shed his blood for me and not for you. I command you in the name of Jesus to get out now." True enough, the devil was gone and I regain control over myself. What an unexpected encounter.

As a member of the "organization", I swear and cursed people like nobody business. But I always do one thing. That is after every time I cursed, I will murmur to God to cancel the curse. This is because pastor says that do not curse because in the revelation of God’s law, words as well as actions are assigned moral values. Lying, blasphemy, taking the Lord’s name in vain, and cursing are examples of sinful speech forbidden in the Mosaic Law.

I tried to convince my members to go to church together and they say I siao. Why I became so holy and so on....I couldn't convince myself to let go of the bad company and mix with the good one. I chose them over God. From then on I decided not to attend church anymore and the good teaching also disappeared together.

My reflection: All things happened for a reason. His way is always higher than ours. He (God) has a plan for us. I will like to thank God for all that He has done for me, allowing different things to happen to me. Otherwise, where can I find so many stories to tell.

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